Now Playing: Kahe jiya dukhala Movie Dulha ganga paar ke

Kahe jiya dukhala Movie Dulha ganga paar ke
Category: 1975-1999 Film Songs

Sub Category: Dulha Ganga Paar Ke

Description:  Marriage in India is a sacrament and is one of the most important, if not the most important, of all Indian socio-cultural institutions. It is a social obligation to the family and the community, with little idea of individual interest ... Bihari weddings are rich in color, tradition, culture and the sweet smell of incense. It consists of many Pujas and religious rituals on a variety of occasions. This song is a traditional Bihari wedding song at the time of Dwar Puja. The Dwar Puja ceremony is performed to welcome the groom as he arrives with his baraat at the bride's door. A welcoming ritual is performed at the entrance (Dwar). The groom and his relatives are welcomed with colorful flower garland and led to the puja mandap. After he is settled, his bride make her entrance with her head covered with sari and eyes down. She is led to the mandap by her female cousins and friends. The women folks sing naughty songs about the groom's family. In Bihar where ceremonies marking marriage are ...

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