Now Playing: Tohri Jawania Se (Kahe Gaye Pardes Piya)

Tohri Jawania Se (Kahe Gaye Pardes Piya)
Category: 2000-2010 Film Songs

Sub Category: Kahe Gaye Pardes Piya (2008)

Description:  Shri Sai Cine Vision Pvt Ltd's sweet Music story begins with SOBRAN SING'S family . Sobran sing along with his two married sons Jadish, Prabhat, daughter and grand daughter Kisna spend a very pleasant life. But Thakur Jwala Singh and his son Bhuvan Singh had a bad eye on their farms and young daughter respectively. And to destroy them they think of a plan. Prabhat falls prey to their plan, prabhat to bring out the family from the problem leaves his wife Mohini and rest of the members and with panditji's help he goes to Mumbai city and there in the process of telling truth to Police officer Aansh he gets injured by a bullet fired by smugglers, and on the other hand his entire family is waiting as to when will he return... • What happens further of Prabhat's family...?? • What happens with his wife Mohini...?? • How do they survive from the terror of Jwala Singh...?? To get the answer for all the questions watch.... "KAHE GAYE PARDESH PIYA"

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