• Title: Tohar lahnga utha dem remote se

  • Description: Bhojpuri Song from Bhojpuri Film Pandit Ji Batayee Na Biyaah Kab Hoy...
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More Tags:  Hazipur Kelwa Mahang Bhojpuri Chhath Songs Full HD Song I Kaanch Hi Baans Ke Bahangiya Here we present the latest Bhojpuri Holi Songs in one Jukebox on public demand Description Of Songs:- 01. AAIHO YADAV JI {HACHAHACH HOLI} 02. BHAUJI PATAK KE CHARH JAEE {HOLIYA MEIN LAAGELA PAALA} 03. BAIGANWA MEIN RISK NAIKHE {HOLIYA MEIN LAAGELA PAALA} 04. CHHODALA GORI KARUAA TEL SE {HOLIYA MEIN LAAGELA PAALA} 05. PIYWA DRIBER PAUCH PEEKE 06. FEVICOL SE SATA DA 07. SAALELA PHAGUNWA {LEHANGA LAAL HO JAAI} 08. LEHANGA LAAL HO JAAI {LEHANGA LAAL HO JAAI} 09. CHIKAN SAMAAN {LEHANGA LAAL HO JAAI} 10. TAHAAR JAWANI KE KHELA 11. MATROO KE MAUGI RANGVAVS {AAJA AE RAJA PHAGUN MEIN} 12. RANG MILAAKE FEVICOL KE {AAJA AE RAJA PHAGUN MEIN} 13. NIGHTY MEIN RANG NA DAALA {AAJA AE RAJA PHAGUN MEIN} SUBSCRIBE T-Series channel Hamaar Bhojpuri for unlimited HOLI entertainment Facebook: Twitter: Enjoy and stay connected with us This story is about a young boy named Harsh whose father Vijay Bhahdur Singh is fighting in elections for Ministers post. Along with his friend, Divakar Singh's help like Jabaar dangerous criminals during elections he starts a new business of irritating Village's Headman, and other poor people. Under which he tries to get his son Harsh married to Bijay Bhadur Singh's only daughter Naina. On the other hand Divakar's Mill manager Rama Shankar starts an agitation (drive) against Divakar to pay back Farmers money. Divakar tries to buy Ramashankar and on the other side Divakar's daughter Naina fights with Ramashankar's younger brother . Once Divakar's nursed men try to, rape his daughter Naina. Atul saves Naina. Destiny plays such a game that their fight turns into love. When Ramashankar and Divakar Singh come to know about this, then Mill owner Divakar , fixes his daughter's marriage with Harsh. When Atul comes to take take his brother's revenge, Then Naina is shocked after knowing his Dad's reality. When Harsh realizes the love between the two he sacrifies his love and made Divakar To feel sorry for his sins, and announces that he is handing over his sugar mill to poor workers and surrendering himself to the police. Atul after seeing Naina as her wife says, losing his brother, giving the needy their rightsand is happy after getting his love, and on the other hand Harsh starts looking out for girls for his marriage. Category: Indian Cinema Family Romance Starring: Om Prakash Sharma Shri Kankani Manoj Pandey Sakshi Chouhan O. P. Suman Ritika Chaturvedi Directed by: M. S. Aga Nachaniya- Ek Tamasha Indu Sonali Pravin Kunwar Phanindra Rao Various Arvind Tripathi yt:crop=16:9