About Us

About SanimaHall.com

SanimaHall is World's First Bhojpuri video and audio social network that enables members to Access Bhojpuri entertainment.The main Purpose of this website is to promote Bhojpuri culture and Entertainment. This site was created to make bhojpuri movies and songs avaialble to the people who are not living in Bhojpuri Speaking area and do not have access to Bhojpuri Content.

We are commited to promote Bhojpuri movies and songs internationally.

Using SanimaHall.com

Anyone can play videos and audio MP3s without being a member. To make the most of your experience socialize with others by joining SanimaHall with a valid email address. (A confirmation email will validate this address) Once you are registered, you can invite other friends and other members to your network or group and start uploading your own videos and MP3 music or audio files.

SanimaHall.com is a great way to get your videos, songs and pod cast to people. With SanimaHall.com you can:

•Upload videos, audio pod cast, MP3s Music and share with your friends.

•Show off your favorite videos and embed videos on your web site.

•Blog the videos you take with your digital camera or cell phone

•Openly or privately show videos to your friends and family.

• ... and much, much more!