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Pawan Singh jumps from 50 feet high river bridge

August 10th, 2012 Comments

For his upcoming film Pawan Singh did a daring stunt of jumping from a 50 feet high river bridge. Director and producer wanted to film this scene by a duplicate but Pawan Singh insisted to do it himself and did this breath taking daring scene. Everyone present there clapped on his performance.

This was done for film ‘Rakhela Shaan Bhojpuria Jawaan’ produced by Mithila Talkies and directed by Raju. The scene was shot at Rajpipla in Gujarat. There are also many other superb action scenes done by Pawan Singh.

Pawan is playing the role of a SP who has declared war against crime and the mafiaso tremble hearing his name. Producer Manoj Chaudhary claims that such a film was never made in Bhojpuri till date.

(Shashikant Singh report)